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Proactol vs Proactol Plus

Before we begin...

You may have noticed that Proactol logo has a word "Plus" next to it, well this is because Proactol has been relaunched in the begining of April, 2011. Therefore the new improved version is now being called Proactol Plus. Basically there are just a few differences:

  • It now goes through a patented fat blocking test to ensure that fats coming from Mayonnaise, Butter and Oil are all succesfully blocked.
  • Now manufactured according to EN ISO13485 and EN ISO9001 quality standarts.
  • New human study results published for 2011.
  • New fancy packaging! (You'll find a picture below).

I thought I'd mention all these key improvements in order to avoid any confusion between Proactol and Proactol Plus - it's the same good old weight loss product tested to a higher level and even with more evidence of results.

Proactol results

My story & achievements

I could have never imagined that one day I'd be writing about and sharing my weight loss experience with someone over the internet. My BMI always used to be just a bit over the normal range. However, after two years of working as a web designer I noticed that things were getting worse. Spending half a day in front of a computer with chocolate cookies aside (ooh i love those!) certainly didn't do any good. As a result my favorite clothes didn't leave the closet anymore, cause I simply couldn't fit into them.

So there I went and took a step on a weight scale. Wow! It showed a whopping 87kg/192lbs! I was shocked, to say the least. Moreover, I developed this stupid complex - couldn't stand a thought of wearing a bikini on the beach in front of other people. This was my wake-up call. I started looking for anything that would help me lose at least some weight. Tried several highly promoted products without much success and with huge disappointment. Some even caused slight side effects...

When i was about to lose my last hope, one of my fellow co-workers suggested me to try this natural fat binder called Proactol. Since the advice came from a person I trust and most of the Proactol reviews online seemed to be positive, I decided to pull a trigger on this one. After receiving my first two packs I started taking up to 3 pills after each meal, washing it down with a full glass of water. Two weeks later I noticed that food cravings were getting significantly lower. I could even feel that my energy levels were increasing. With the help of a change in eating habits and Proactol pills, two months later I was already 11kgs/24lbs down! The lack of confidence I had before was slowly going away, especially with the compliments coming from my friends and my husband! In fact, he was slightly overweight himself, so together we decided to place a new order, this time for a bigger package (better value money wise). Oh, and in case you're wondering how the whole packaging looks, my hubby took a picture for you:

Proactol packaging

As you can see the pills are quite small, that makes them easy to swallow. Moreover they don't have any weird flavors added and the coloring is all natural.

I guess it's time to sum up my story. It's been almost half a year since I discovered Proactol. Now, after 6 months of using this amazing product and making slight changes to my lifestyle I weight 63kg/139lbs. That's a massive 24kg/53lbs drop. My husband managed to get rid of about 10kgs/22lbs in two months with the help of additional regular exercises. In order to maintain current weight, now I usually take one pill after having a meal if it was high in fat.

It's really an amazing feeling, when you can finally get into your favorite clothes again and most importantly head to the beach in a bikini without any complexes!

Proactol ingredients

So, how does it work?

After having not so fun experiences with other useless overhyped diet pills, this time before pressing the "buy" button I decided to make a detailed research on Proactol ingredients and here are my findings:

  • Proactol is made only from 100% organic ingredients which means it's a fully natural product.
  • The main ingredient NeOpuntia is taken from a cactus called Opuntia ficus-indica also known as prickly pear.
  • Proactol is a mixture of two fibres: non-soluble and the soluble one.
  • The non-soluble fibre interacts with dietary fat found in your stomach and forms a gel-like substance which is harder to absorb for your body. As a result Proactol makes up to 28% of your fat indigestible which later on naturally passes out of your body.
  • The soluble fibre is responsible for slowing down digestion process within your body. Proactol, when combined with the acid in your stomach forms a vicous solution which is harder to digest, thus making you feel fuller for a much longer time. This way you can forget your cravings for food for a while.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so here you go, all the scientific stuff in one pic:

How Proactol works?

As you can see Proactol gives you two weight loss management solutions in one product. And all this without any nasty chemical formulas, only natural ingredients.

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